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See my QRZ.com page for K6UFO for my address and QSL information.  This page is to hold documents for people to view and download. Enjoy!  


Speaker Biography for K6UFO

Speaker Photo for K6UFO


NCJ Profiles: Mark Aaker, K6UFO Nov/Dec 2012 NCJ Magazine


NN7SS antennas



Pacific Division Convention 2018 - Remote Access to Your Amateur Radio Station

Dayton Hamvention 2018, Forum - Remote Access to your Amateur Radio Station

Dayton Hamvention 2018, N2RJ Presentation of FlexRadio SmartLink

 International DX Convention 2018, Visalia - Remote Access: Latest Developments.  

Pacificon 2017 - Remote Access to Your Amateur Radio Station

Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club August 2017 - OVARC Remote Access.pdf

Remote Operating Forum for Dayton Hamvention 2017

Remote Access To Your Amateur Radio Station for International DX Convention Visalia 2017

Remote Access to your Station for Pacificon 2016

My Equipment Inventory 2016

Remote Operating Forum for Dayton Hamvention 2016    

Remote RTTY Contesting for Dayton Hamvention 2016  

Remote Access - Six Ways for DX Convention Visalia 2016.

Remote Operating - Ten Things to Know

Operating Remotely in the 2014 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest as published at RTTYContesting.com

K6UFO's How to Operate Digital Modes on RemoteHamRadio.com

W2PK's Settings to operate Digital Modes on Remote Ham Radio (DM780, FlDigi)


QRP Contesting and DXing - REDXA

QRP is Low Power, but High Fun - SFARC

QRP Contesting and DXing from the Pacific Northwest - PNW DX Convention

Be Radio-Active - San Francisco Radio Club


K6UFO's Slide NAQP RTTY Results Feb. 2015

RTTY from Stanford University station W6YX - RTTY Forum


What's Here



What I've learned about setting up and operating remote stations.



How low can you go?


Other Presentations

Mostly RTTY.

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